Wound Revisions (In Progress)

Wound Revisions, a collection of personal and lyric-hybrid essays, fuses lyric imagery with prose-verse forms in order to golemize past trauma into something reconcilable. Titled after the type of reconstructive surgery I had to repair the right side of my face after multiple excisions of melanoma, the collection vivisects memories of my diagnosis of stage-IV cancer, my father’s work as a forensic scientist, my brother’s death at the age of ten, toxic masculinity at a pinball tournament, the accusation of witchcraft against me when I was in the ninth grade, the slippery recollection of possible sexual abuse at the hands of the “Red-Haired Man” in my first kindergarten, and my middle-school voyeurism into online chat rooms. The manuscript is now around 110-pages long, and I hope to double its length in the next two years. The essays have appeared in Ninth Letter, The RS 500, and StoryQuarterly, and “Excisions” was selected by Leslie Jamison as the winner of the 2015 StoryQuarterly Nonfiction Prize.