• Empty Clip by Emilia Phillips cover art, University of Akron Press, 2018
  • Groundspeed by Emilia Phillips (University of Akron Press, March 2016). Cover design: Amy Freels. Cover art: Hollie Chastain.
  • Beneath the Ice Fish Like Souls Look Alike by Emilia Phillips
  • Bestiary of Gall cover
  • Signaletics by Emilia Phillips cover
  • Embouchure by Emilia Phillips cover

Selected Poems Online

“Late-Night Classical Radio Host,” The Atlantic, 2021

“My Childhood Dog Jessie Once Ate a Box of 120-Count Crayolas and Shat Speckled Rainbows for a Week,” The Southeast Review, 2020

“At Eleven, I Described an Aging, Female Celebrity to My Father as Looking ‘Rode Hard and Put Up Wet,” The Southeast Review, 2020

“I Have Anxiety About Anxiety,” The Missouri Review, 2020

“I Tried To Write a Poem Called ‘Impostor Syndrome’ and Failed,” Poem-a-Day, 2020

“My First Kiss Was in a Room Where They Polish Lenses for Eyeglasses,” Quarterly West, 2020

“When the Phlebotomist Stuck the Needle in Me, I Looked Away Only to See a TV on Which a Chef Was Injecting Pork Loin With Marinade,” Quarterly West, 2020

“Some Sentences Need to Be Written in the Passive Voice,” Quarterly West, 2020

“A Kind of Second Virginity,” The Rumpus, 2020

“It Doesn’t Matter Who You Are or What You Do, Something in the World Will Make a Fool of You,” The Rumpus, 2020

At a Party a Woman Introduced Herself to Me as Dawn,” The Rumpus, 2020

“One of the First Girls on Whom I Had a Crush Was Named Hope,” The Adroit Journal, 2020

“Poem About Death Beginning with a Humblebrag and Ending with a Shower Beer,” The Adroit Journal, 2020

“The First Boy Who I Thought I Loved Was in a Band Called Romanticide,” The Adroit Journal, 2020

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