Birch bark for a poem

I picked up this birch bark today & I’m determined to draft a poem on it this weekend. I’ve often found that I can shake up my poems by finding new mediums for writing. 

Notes on writing in one’s head vs. writing on the page with an extrapolation to subject matter

Utriusque cosmi maioris scilicet et minoris […] historia, tomus II (1619) by Robert Fludd
by Robert Fludd (1619)
These days it takes me a longer time to get started on the page with a poem. I spend weeks only thinking about lines. Used to, all that wheel spinning and doubling back took place on the page. What’s interesting is how that’s allowed for a shift in my subject matter: I’m more willing to give a little space to the intangible, the ineffable. So perhaps, for me, subject matter is tied more to the medium than I originally anticipated.

I wonder how it would change if I started writing only by hand . . .